5 Key Considerations When Choosing Your Wedding Suit


1) When should I get my suit sorted?
One of the most popular questions we get asked by future grooms is how
soon in advance of the wedding so they need to get their suit sorted?
Well, the simple answer is that it depends. For example, are you going to
rent or buy your suit? Is there a wedding party with you that also needs to
be suited and booted? Are you or they living in this country? Are you
getting married here or abroad? Are you looking for something out of the
ordinary, like kilts for example? The list goes on and on… So here’s my
general rule of thumb. I’d recommend having an initial chat with your
partner about what you are both thinking or if you are actually
thinking of anything at all at this stage (and it’s completely ok if you’re
not). Then, I’d go and do a little research online or in magazines or
wherever you go when you’re looking for inspiration, all the time keeping
an open mind. The next step is to go and visit a reputable wedding suit
specialist, which we discuss later in this article. How long before the
wedding would I recommend doing this? Probably between 3-6 months.
Don’t get me wrong, you can buy or rent a suit in a day but I’d advise
taking your time with it and making sure you have everything just the
way you want it for your big day.
2) To rent or to buy, that is the question?
In recent years the trend to buy your own wedding suit/suits has really
taken off and it’s currently as popular, if not a little bit more popular, as
renting your suits. There are lots of reasons for this. Style, price, the
option to wear it again after the big day and, of course, the sentimentality
of the whole thing. Your wedding suit is a nice thing to have as a memento
of your big day and to remind you in years to come that you were actually
that size at some stage in your life. There are however a few exceptions to
the rule. Traditional wedding suits, like morning suits, are usually only
rented as they literally are of no use after the wedding unless you are a
magician or a really posh waiter. Also, while a lot of grooms do buy their
own wedding suits sometimes they opt to rent suits for the rest of the
wedding party. The bottom line is that it’s really down to you, the couple, and how you want to go about it. Every option is pretty much available to you so going
back to my first point, put in the groundwork early on, take a look at all
your options so you can curate the perfect wedding suit selection, and
have things just the way you want them.

3) How much should I spend on my wedding suit?
Everybody has their own budgets and attaches their own value to pretty
much everything they buy, so this is a personal question that you need to
ask yourself and discuss with each other. The good news is that you
couldn’t be getting married at a better time in the history of wedding suits
and suits in general. There are amazing styles, fits, designs and fabrics at
all price points so my advice is to look at it all. Try on the Hugo Boss suit
and compare it to the Benetti or the Remus Uomo suit. Take your time to decide what you feel the best in and if it means pushing out the boundaries a bit, why not? You only get married once. The key here is how you are going to feel in your suit on your big day. You are after all the main attraction.

4) What Color/Style/Fit should I go for?
As I mentioned before, everything is on the table. You can pretty much go
whatever way you want with the colour of your suit, all the main on-trend
suit styles are available in all the good shops and most good suit
specialists can fit any man, exactly the way he wants his suit to fit. Some
couples will know exactly what they want and others will need a bit of
help with it, and that’s why my advice is to go to the experts and get
proper customer service at this stage. At Galvin For Men Mullingar, we
offer a no strings attached free consultation service (pardon the plug) and
I can’t recommend it enough. It gives both the bride and groom a chance
to take a relaxed look at what’s on offer, get an idea of budget, ask any
questions you might have and then walk away and have a good think
about what way you want to go with it. Wedding specialists do this every
day and they are very conscious of how important this day is for you.
They will listen to your ideas, advise on colour schemes and how to curate
the whole package so it will look amazing. They will fit your suit to
perfection and advise if they feel something is not fitting or not working
for you. Finally, they will make sure that everything is 100% perfect
and ready to go in plenty of time for your big day.

5) How do I accessorize?
Ok, so there are a few main considerations when it comes to accessorizing
your wedding suit. Ties, waistcoats, pocket squares, cufflinks, and tie pins
should in my opinion all be part of the conversation and these trimmings
really are the cherry on top when it comes to occasion wear like this.
However, my key advice or top tip is to pick out a really nice pair of
leather shoes and a matching leather belt. If you take this one piece of
advice alone your 90% there. When these two accessories are added
properly to the overall look it just finishes it off perfectly. My only addition to this after that is socks. I’m personally not a fan of tacky socks with burgers and ice creams and the like. If you're going to all this effort to look perfect then why not pick a really nice pair of socks for your big day that compliments what you’re wearing. Add a splash of color and quirky design that you are comfortable with.
There is no nicer feeling than a brand new pair of quality socks as you walk down the aisle and believe me you will thank yourself later.