Perfect Day After The Wedding Outfits

What should I wear on the day after my wedding day?

So much time and effort goes into dressing up for your actual wedding day that this question is often something that crops up at the very last minute or sometimes not at all.

So, you were obviously the best-dressed man at your wedding and you received countless plaudits and compliments to that end. Wouldn’t it be a little bit of a shame to not make at least a little bit of an effort for the day after the wedding? Here are 3 great suggestions for how to dress to impress for the day after your big day!

Option 1: The Casual Suit Look
This look is not for every groom but for those of you who like to dress up in your downtime this can be the perfect option. In terms of the suit, I’d recommend going with something less structured than your normal suit. Choose linen(weather permitting) or cotton as your fabric of choice. Wear a nice open-collared shirt underneath(no ties allowed today) and finish off the look with something along the lines of a nice casual loafer, a nice casual belt and maybe even a pocket square to complete the look.


Option 2: The Blazer and Jeans Look
The Blazer and Jeans look is a little bit more casual than wearing a suit but you can still be the main attraction if this look is put together properly. When it comes to the blazer I’d stick to the same rules as with the casual suit look. Something nice and casual and less structured. I’d go plain with the jacket and let the shirt do the talking.

Floral prints are very much on trend this year and there are some really great options around so choose wisely. When it comes to your denim, go with a nice slim fitting silhouette that compliments your outfit and again I’d go with a nice casual belt and some nice casual shoes or trainers. After today this complete outfit when deconstructed should be repurposed over and over again, so it can be money very well spent.


Option 3: The Proper Casual Look
If you've really had enough of suits and jackets and anything tailored then why don't you go proper casual? Pick out a really nice fitting shirt in short or long sleeves and match it up with some slim-fitting jeans, chinos or even shorts. The look, if selected right, can look great and you can still live up to the expectations of Day 2. If you are the type that likes to wear a trilby or some nice jewelry, then go for it.

The main thing to remember about this day is that it’s all about spending time with family and friends and relaxing. Try and choose your look with that in mind without reaching for the joggers.

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