Summer Wedding Suit Ideas!

If your getting married during the summer months or you’ve decided to jump

ship and head for the continent with the promise of sandy beaches and sunny
blue skies, then we’ve put together some summer suit ideas to help you along
your way.

1) Choose Light & Bright Suits.
The traditional wedding suit is synonymous with dark colors and heavy fabrics. By choosing lightweight fine fabrics and bright colors you really are turning this tradition on its head and to honest, why not. Lightweight fabrics are perfect for hotter climates and warm weather, plus you’ll fit right in lighter colors as the only thing raining down on you will be the hot sunshine. When pastel pinks and sky blues are the order of the day then anything goes! The best we’ve seen this season has to be from Remus Uomo’s Summer collection. It’s the perfect light and bright


2) 'Be Bold' when it comes to your blazer and waistcoat.
If you’re not entirely convinced of going down the light and bright route then this is the ultimate compromise. You can really get the best of both worlds by adding in that splash of color with your jacket or your waistcoat and using a plain navy or blue as your foundation for the rest of the outfit. We’ve seen some fantastic check, fleck and even paisley designs from brands like Benetti who truly are the best around at curating the perfect wedding collections that stand out but also still look the part on your big day.


3) Beach Suits - Dress up your casual suit
For the rebellious few out there who have decided to go on a different
tack and have a more laid back approach and ultimately a more casual
kind of a day, I recommend choosing linen or ultra fine cotton fabrics. All
the better if they are unlined or half lined. Dress up these super casual
and less structured options to whatever level you like and create a look of
effortless luxury that is right at home in the Costa del wedding. Crisp
white shirts, Italian Silk ties, and sockless suede loafers are just a few
ideas that spring to mind when completing the look.

Whatever route you do decide to go with, I’d recommend having a bit of
fun. Let’s face it, it’s not every day the sun shines in Ireland or it’s definitely not every day you’re jet setting off to get married in the hot sun abroad, so make sure that you are comfortable in your suit choice and that you feel the best that you can feel on your big day.

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