The Ever-Growing Tuxedo Trend!

The Tuxedo has traditionally been synonymous with evening-wear. Our minds

usually, jump to Daniel Craig as 007 in a perfectly fitted classic black tuxedo

attending the opera with a beautiful lady on his arm, or sitting at the blackjack
the table in some luxurious casino.

Yes, it’s true that black tie has sometimes been a choice for some wedding
couples on their big day, particularly for winter weddings, however, we are
seeing a significant uptake in this trend over the past year so we decided to give
you a quick run-through of some of the best Tuxedo trends around right now.


The Classic Black Tuxedo:
The classic black tuxedo is the one that hops straight into your head when you
think of James Bond. It’s a well-tailored black suit with black satin lapels on the
jacket, a satin stripe down the side of the trouser legs and nicely covered satin
buttons. It’s elegant, sophisticated and luxurious. It’s the quintessential suit for
attending the opera, or a gala ball. It’s the after-dark suit. In terms of wedding
wear, it has been traditionally worn for winter weddings and it does look the
part because the setting for a winter wedding is dark and luxurious, and
sophisticated. The classic tuxedo is hard to compete with but there are a few
more options that are available that may give you food for thought.


The Coloured Tuxedo:
While the classic black tuxedo is at it’s best when worn for winter or after-dark
weddings, the more colored versions can be a little bit more versatile, and
easily worn all year round. When I’m talking about colour I’m not talking about
gaudy yellows or greens. It’s important that you don’t lose the sophistication
that is synonymous with a Tuxedo, and that’s why that luxurious look and feel
needs to come across in rich colors like wines, navy, and even grey. These
colors can look extremely luxurious when the tuxedo features are applied, for
example, through the satin lapels and satin-covered buttons. My favorite tuxedo
collection for 2019/2020 has to be from Benetti. They have some fantastic
options in Tuxedo wear that includes beautiful wine, navy and grey Jackets all
matched up with black trousers and waistcoats to complete this amazing look.


The Textured Tuxedo:
My last pick for an exciting tuxedo option for your wedding is the textured
tuxedo. If you want to wear black but you want to stand out a little bit more from
the crowd, then this is a really smart way to do it. Let the fabric of the suit do the
talking. The nicest examples of this that I’ve seen are a paisley tonal fabric.
Obviously, you don’t need to go that far but there are numerous fabric options
available in this area that can look really great so keep an open mind.

The tuxedo trend is gaining a lot of momentum at the moment and while it is still
more of a winter wedding thing and by no means taking over from the main
wedding suit trends, it may be worth a look when choosing your wedding suit.
We have a nice collection available in-store that cover all of the above looks so

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