Top 5 Wedding Suit Trends In 2019

The wedding season is now officially in full flight so we thought we'd fill you in on some of the top trends we're seeing this year straight from the shop floor here at Galvin For Men, Mullingar!


1. The Three Piece Suit... is alive and well and continues to be the go-to suit of choice this year for wedding goers. This classic style is being worn perfectly fitted and tailored to the wearer's specifications. So how has it moved on from last year you may ask....?
2. Texture, Pattern, and Colour. The devil is in the detail and the detail is in the flexibility. This year wedding suit specialists are offering mix and match options that not only allow you to add a splash of color via an interesting textured waistcoat but they are also going one step further by offering this in the jacket too! This opens up both the groom and his posse to mix and match the whole look to suit their preference but all the time sticking with the same theme. The end result can be quite spectacular!
3. Black Tie Is In. The Tuxedo is back in vogue and it's had the full makeover. Gone are the days of the baggy black dress suit that smells like starch. In 2019, they're slim, slick and sexy. Colour options, textured fabrics and stylish fits are all on the table. Black tie weddings are on the rise and I personally put it down to how excellent tuxedos look these days.
4. The Humble Tie.  A regular tie is where it's at when it comes to your wedding neckwear. We've finally left the era of the Bow Tie in the rearview mirror and the cravate may never return(not for the next few years anyway). It's simple, sophisticated and timeless, for now. 
5. And finally, the resurgence of the Morning Suit.  We are seeing somewhat of a rebirth here from those who want that classic wedding look. Most likely spurred on by the recent royal weddings and box office tv shows from days gone by, this traditional style can look super impressive when it's done right!

If you want to book in for a no-strings-attached consultation, get in touch with us here at Galvin For Men, Mullingar:

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